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As you can see I'm a Coach. I don't have a specific niche. My niche is "life", so I work with different kinds of people with different kinds of goals and challenges.

With my clients I work in their specific context mainly on one thing: How does life work?

If you compare life to a game it is clear that the better you understand how the game is working – what rules and principles underlie it – the better you get at it. And as a better player, of course, you will have better results!

This understand is not a understanding from the intellect. It is a spiritual understanding.

It is all about raising your level of Consciousness because the higher your level of Consciousness becomes the more beautiful every area of your life will be because all boats rise with the tide.

So are you ready to take your life to the next level and live a miraculous life?

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Andreas Hofmann

Andreas Hofmann

Coach for Consciousness and Self-realization

What would be if a happy and fulfilled life is easier to achieve than you thought ?

Power of Thought

In my 15+ years in personal development

I am very sure that I can help you find what you are looking for, because we are all looking for the same: happiness, more love

The magic pill.

You only have to do this teq

What if, it is way more easy?

I know that a happy and fulfilled life is possible – for everyone!

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Andreas Hofmann

About Andreas

Andreas Hofmann is a Transformative Coach, a serial entrepreneur and the founder of Spiritual Entrepreneurs Málaga.

In his work he supports his clients to let go of all their sabotaging ideas they have made up about themselves and life in general and instead get in touch with their True Self again. Coming from this everlasting place of love and clarity his clients create cool stuff in the world and make their dreams come true – and that with joy and ease.

Andreas’ vision is to create a huge network with a lot of different events which help to raise the level of Consciousness in the area around the Costa del Sol.

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