Welcome to Spiritual Entrepreneurs Costa del Sol!

I founded Spiritual Entrepreneurs Costa del Sol (SECdS) in February 2022 because I was new in Málaga and wanted to get to know like-minded people. After I found out that there were no events for spiritual people in Málaga, I decided to start my own events. 

After the first wonderful network event for spiritual people, ideas for more events came to me. Guided by my intuition I wanted to create a safe and fun space, where like-minded people could come together, grow, get to know, and support each other.

In the next months, the events got bigger and bigger. Also, the first facilitators joined the community and brought their unique talents. And now one year later, it is so beautiful to see what has emerged.

My vision for SECdS is to create a huge network with a lot of different events which help to raise the level of Consciousness in the area around the Costa del Sol.

Andreas Hofmann, CEO and Founder of Spiritual Entrepreneurs Costa del Sol

Andreas Hofmann

Some numbers about SECdS:

Over 1 year of doing events

1.500+ peoples in our channels

70+ official events

15+ great facilitators

Do you want to get to know the community?

Then join us at one of our upcoming Rooftop Parties in Málaga Centro! Just check Meetup or Eventbrite when the next Rooftop Party will take place. We are looking forward to see you there 🙂

Some impressions from our events:

As soon as I arrived in Malaga I saw the “Spiritual Entrepreneurs” meetup group and thought, wow..these must be my people. And they sure were.

Such an amazing experience participating in the Authentic Relating Games events and the Full day event by beach with workshops and connection games. Andreas is a wonderful person and curates a safe space for people to feel welcomed, seen and heard! I am considering to move to Malaga because of the community he is creating and curating! 🥰💖

Flaminia Buda, Founder and CEO of Nomad Haven

Who we are?

A Spiritual Entrepreneur is someone who has found a way to access his spirituality and uses his spiritual understanding to achieve success in both their personal and professional life.

Our international community is made up of people from all over the world who come to Costa del Sol. We also have Spanish locals who join us for our events.

What are our goals?

Spiritual Entrepreneurs Costa del Sol is here to serve humanity with the intention to raise the Level of Consciousness on this planet

We bring together spiritual people and create a safe and fun space for networking and personal development. The stronger we are, the more we inspire positive changes in society through our businesses and personal lives.

What do we need?

We continue to grow every day. Our team mostly works as volunteers. To continue our work and for further development, we need your help and even small contributions of 2 or 5€ per month can make a big difference. Of course, larger donations are always appreciated too.

Donation policy

Donating is voluntary, and if you can't or don't want to donate, our events are still open for you, and no one will judge you. We are 100% transparent with our finances and share financial reports to ensure that your donations are being used in the best way possible.

Thank you for your trust and support. Let's work together to create an amazing community and develop our spiritual and entrepreneurial skills. 

If you have any questions about donations in general please get in touch with Andreas.

Some of the events we are doing: